Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to take inventory

Not an inventory of merchandise or supplies or anything tangible.  I'm trying to take an inventory of my business options.  And it's all wide open.  I can continue in the direction I've started (and which has been a lot of work, but successful).  But a lot of the work is tedious and I would really like to have an assistant to take on the tedious, less than artful, tasks.  And in addition to my online presence, I would love, Love, LOVE! to have a brick & mortar store.  And then there are all my other interests.  I just want to do it all!

Now to find a way to successfully combine my love of fiber (dyeing, knitting, spinning), my love of papercrafts (stamping, scrapping, bookmaking), my love of sewing (quilting, fashion), my love of photography (portrait, landscape, stock), my love of vintage (particularly vintage Pyrex), and bath & spa products (hand made soap, candles, etc.) Oh, and throw in the occasional jewelry making and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time.

Can you picture a shop that would include all, or maybe just most, of these interests?  Would you shop at my store?  Would I be trying to do too much?

I need to get my thoughts written down.  And organized. Any suggestions for organization tools to make sense of this stuff?

Comments are most welcome.  Please share a link to my blog so your friends can give me some input, too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

300 Days of Dyeing Has Pretty Much Dyed

I mean Died.  Between work and family, and having gotten ahead on the dyeing for my shop, 300 Days of Dyeing fell by the wayside.  I had taken a look at what's going on in my life earlier in the year and came to the fast conclusion that I really enjoyed working and it was good for me.  And since something had to go, or at least be put on hold, it had to be the dyeing and blogging about it.  I will still dye.  And I will still blog.  I just can't make a commitment to continue doing both, at the same time. Know what I mean?

Anyway.  Life is good.