Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kindle for PC

I've been wanting a Kindle from Amazon for AGES!  Well for a couple of years, anyway.  I went to a scrapbook weekend and my roommate had one.  It was so neat!  It was easy to take with her.  She always had her book(s).  She was never at a loss for what to do in her spare time.  It was easy to read a little in the dimly lit hotel room before bed. I WANTED!

Well, can you imagine my surprise just a few minutes ago when I discovered that you can download Kindle for PC for FREE and read your Kindle books in a viewer right on your computer.  This is especially great for me because I use a laptop and it goes with me everywhere!  Well, not everywhere.  But almost everywhere.  When I'm traveling, I always take it with me. I usually have a pair of socks on the needles to work on when going to an appointment or someplace I might have a little time to knit while waiting.  But to be able to view books on my laptop and read from it before bed or while relaxing for a bit while traveling or vacationing.  Or any time at home. This is going to be soooooo nice! I think I'm love!

I've added a little Amazon Carousel at the bottom off this page.  (I may have changed it by the time you read this.) There are a couple of free books featured along with some knitting books and the latest Kindles available. I'll be looking for more free books to add to the carousel.  My husband's books (Lewis Levite), aren't available yet for Kindle, but they are available at Lulu in digital format. They cannot be viewed with the Kindle for PC, however they can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Book Review: Spinning in the Old Way

I ordered this book, Spinning in the Old Way, about a year and a half ago.  It was highly recommended to me when I was learned to spin.  But by the time I got around to ordering the book , I had advanced beyond the scope of the book.  It is fantastic for beginners.  If you want to get a new spinner a gift, I would recommend this book along with a basic spindle and some fiber.  I prefer Merino fiber, which is what I leaded to spin with. I've been told it's better to choose a longer staple wool, but I loved the softness of the Merino.  If the spinner has experience, you may want to choose a book that goes a little more in depth.  General Rating: 4 Thumbs Up.