Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delaware Art Chat On Twitter

The other day I had a brilliant idea!  I do have those occasionally.  When I do, it's usually a day to mark on your calendar because it may be a long dry spell before I have another. This time I was thinking about local venues for my work.  I think it's art, but others may think it's 'art supplies'.  Whatever.  I want local places to show it off; not just online.  After doing some googling, and coming up (almost) dry, I asked on Twitter.  What I really asked was if there was an active Delaware Artists and Crafters community on Twitter. The very quick answer was 'no'.  So . . . to make a long story short, there is now an account for @DEartchat and the search tag for Delaware artists and crafters is #DEartchat.

We will begin having regular chats this Sunday, October 3, from  8 pm to 9 pm local time.  This time will be flexible and, until we get a regular group chatting,  can change or rotate with a different time and day to encourage more participation. I've taken this on my own to get it started, but would be happy to have input and guest hosts.

The topic of the first chat is "When Art and Technology Collide".  If you have questions or discussion starters for this topic, please post them in the comment section here or send a DM to @DEartchat on Twitter. Also more discussion topics for future chats are needed.

There will be a brief period (5-10 min.) at the beginning of the chat period for introductions.  Then questions will be posted every 5-10 min until about 8:50 pm.  At that point, there will be open chat (almost anything goes) and plugs for your site, store, gallery, whatever.  Use the tag #DEartchat with each post so participants can click the search tag and see all posts.

There is also a Flickr Group for DEartchat.  Please join the group and post images of your work that you would like to share with the group.  Post a link on twitter with the tag #DEartchat to let others know there are new images of your work available.

Though the purpose of this Twitter community and Flickr group is to share information about Delaware Arts and Crafts, I don't think anyone will mind the occasional post indicating where your work can be seen and purchased.

Please invite fellow Delaware Artists and Crafters to join us and share what's going on in the Arts and Crafts community. You may link to this blog post or post the link on twitter, facebook, or any other social media source. As we grow in numbers, we will be better known and our work better appreciated.

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