Friday, June 25, 2010

Fiber Arts Friday

I've missed a couple of Fiber Arts Fridays and apologize for that.  Hopefully now that I'm (somewhat) committed to my transfer from WordPress to Blogger, I'll be more consistent. [I don't know if I really like Blogger better, or it's just 'new' (to me) and I needed a little something 'new'.  Crazy huh?]

Today's FAF is a little different from the usual.  I'm having longings lately to get back to quilting.   I don't know how I'm ever going to have time for it, though.  Till I figure that out, I've been joining quilting yahoo groups and drooling over the finished quilts and the links to patterns that I've been finding.  This morning, through a chain of clicking and finding something better each time, I stumbled upon Creative Studio's 'EARLY BIRD CHRISTMAS CRAFTING'.  I'm committing myself to doing this for real.  I've got a notebook that I started making a couple of years ago for preparing for Christmas ahead so you don't go crazy the week before.  But I don't think I ever finished making the notebook. I know I never used it. This afternoon, I'm going to dust off the notebook and add pages for my Early Bird Christmas Crafting. I am also publicly stating now that I will post one blog post per month (at the very least) reporting my progress. And since I don't think anyone in my family (except my husband) reads my blog posts, I can even post photos (if you remind me to get out the camera and take photos before the Christmas Crafts are packed away.)
Now, it's your turn.  In the comments post a link back to your Fiber Arts blog post. And remember, Fiber Arts is pretty much anything related to Fiber - from animal or plant to finished object.

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